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Founded in 2000, we have been striving to provide the most effective and top quality natural skin care products to our customers. Our active ingredients are carefully selected from top research institutes in Europe and USA to ensure that you have the best quality products comparable to world-class skin care brands. Keeping up with the latest market trend, we can always help you maintain a leading position in the market and ahead of your competitors.

Cleanic Cleaning Equipment Ltd


Elly's Dream Livtech Ltd

 Hansford Enterprises Ltd. established in 2006 at Hong Kong, It owned branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou with some offices in other provinces. Hansford focused on daily necessities’ development, production and marketing. Aimed at providing people-oriented and health products. As a result, it launched a Blue Light Protection film brand for smart phone: 4D iSuit.

MayCard Ltd

 MayCard 我的傳情密碼,一個利用APP結合QR Code貼紙,讓禮物加入多媒體影音功能,打破傳統禮品與卡片樣態,只需簡單幾步驟便可使用。讓禮物說話,冷冰冰的科技產品加入暖暖的人情味。


 FORESOON COMPUTER was founded in 1989, started as a computer service supporter in Hong Kong. The company has emerged from a small family business into one of the leading retail channel shop in Hong Kong and Southern China.

Digpro Group Ltd



Grand Choice (Decor) Limited is an Exporter and Manufacturer, specializing in producing high end of a range of indoor fountains, aroma diffusers and humidifiers.


 Established in 1985, Sunrise (H.K.) Limited has been providing a range of products including alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Our business mainly cover the European and Asia region. In the past twenty years, we travelled through various continents to establish long lasting business relationship to build a reliable and stable network.


 Good Decision International Limited is a well-established BAG MAKER of all types, ranging from sports bags, travel bags, computer bags, backpacks and fashion bags, that can exceed your requirements and with reasonable prices.


 Trinity Jewellery is a jewelry manufacturing company based in Hong Kong.We specialize on high end luxurious jewelrys. From diamonds to precious stones, we design unique pieces that are modern yet elegant.




 嘉豐(香港)企業有限公司, 是集設計、生產、銷售為一體的香港鐘錶公司。本公司有十餘年製造機械錶、液晶多功能運動錶、時尚石英錶、牆鐘、書枱鐘等生產及銷售經驗。在2012年,更引入了中國獨家生產的多彩陶瓷電鍍鋁手錶的技術;當年首次在全球最大的瑞士巴賽爾鐘錶展 (Basel World 2012)展示,更引起了強烈的回響。


透過計劃,本公司跟據客戶現有用電設備, 提供詳細的用電分析及節電評估報告, 並同時提出節電可行方案, 如客戶接受方案, 本公司將實地安裝節能設備及收集實地節電數据, 計算未來3-5年透過設備升級獲得的節能收益, 按雙方同意的比例分配, 並編寫節能共享計劃書作客戶參考.







Carmelton Enterprise Ltd.

 Well Develop International Limited 威寶拓展國際有限公司成立於2002年,總部設於香港特別行政區。主要業務為開發、製造、發行及分銷電腦軟件。


Charter Lift Limited  

 Charter Lift Limited is a Hong Kong based company specialized in trading of Waterproof Digital Cameras, Waterproof Camcorder, Waterproof Film Cameras, Chinese Chess (Xiangqi), Japanese Chess, Korean Chess, International Chess, Chinese Checkers, Kalaha and Kid Bicycle Helmet. The company was established in 2005.

Wai Tat Enterprises Int'l Holdings Ltd


Tech-Top Technology Limited

 Tech-Top Technology Limited is a leading manufacturer of computer and smartphone / tablet accessories. The name - Tech-Top, meaning we are always stand on top of technology. We are enthusiastic in research and development field. Undoubtedly, continuous innovation and improvement on the variety and quality of the products are the only way to be success and outstanding.

Supreme Factory Ltd

 The present general terms of sale ('GTS') apply in their whole with any order of products at Supreme Factory. Any order thus implies express acceptance, irrevocable and without reserve of the customer with the present GTS. The GTS prevails on any other document exchanged between the parties, in particular the customer general terms of purchase, regardless of the moment where they might have been in possession of Supreme Factory. Any particular condition derogatory or adding to the provisions of the GTS famous will only be accepted with a written agreement of Supreme Factory.

New Genius Ltd

 Positive ions are absorbed into the body from cell phones,wireless technology,electrical devices and pollution on a daily basis,causing severe damage on a cellular level.Positive ions are said to interfere with our natural balance and can lead to tiredness,lack of concentration and muscle fatigue.Negative ions are proven to reverse the damage caused by positive Ions. Negative ions are generally abundant in nature, emitted from plants, waterfalls and rain storms. These ions unfortunately are depleted in urban areas as a result of modern technology.


Reasonable Software House Limited 

Reasonable Software House Limited provides email marketing service in Hong Kong. Spread is a web-based email marketing tool to reach your customers.


Sunnex Products Limited

Sunnex Products Limited is a Hong Kong based company specializing in manufacturing of catering and household items since 1972. Sunnex brand is known worldwide for its quality and value.

ePlasticShoppingBag.com 建盈膠業印製有限公司

Our group of plastic shopping bag manufacturing business started in the year 1966 in Hong Kong. With our predecessors’ persistent effort and insightful vision, we built the company into a factory with modernized facilities and 500+ skilled workers.


 Group Buying For You 為香港專業的代團購網站。我們不斷為大家帶來本地及歐美、日韓台各地的最新產品。我們致力為大家提供一個方便、快捷、舒適的網上購物環境,令每位於Group Buying For You購物的顧客,都可以買得開心又放心。


Lux Design & constructon ltd

Lux Design & Construction Ltd is a specialist and pioneer in the fields of store fixture manufacturing, interior design and of the production for 33 years.


Duplex International Trading Ltd

 Welcome to Project E Beauty. We are a professional supplier of high quality beauty equipment & products.


Leewing Trading Company Ltd

 Gifts & Premiums Professional Supplier - specialized in piggy banks & plastic ducks.


Team Well Solution Limited



Jitat Company Ltd

 Hong Kong & China Chem Manufacturer & Exporter since 1985. Optical Brightener,Dye,Pigment,Intermediates & Sodium Glucoheptonate. Supply over 40 countries !


咭片皇有限公司 Print100.com

 IT 與印刷結合為了緊貼客戶與日俱增的需求,縮短與客戶的距離,以及減省客戶訂購本公司產品的行政成本,Print100.com 特地發展了一個電子商貿的環境,方便客戶利用互聯網進行網上查詢及交易。客戶可隨時利用 電子郵件 或使用 自定的用戶名稱及密碼登入 Print100.com ,在網上傳送報價要求、查詢、核對稿件、修改資料,以及確認訂單等;而屬於客戶的電腦檔案記錄可供閣下日後作為參考及重複訂單之用。這一切不僅表示 Print100.com 的業務已超越地域和時間的限制,而且更已將印刷行業帶入了一個高科技的新紀元。


Kwong Chak Fat Manufactory Limited

We are expert in manufacturing lighters, ashtrays and smoking accessories in China for over 30 years. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have our own factory and representative office in China.


ShangHai EasyGarment Factory (Hong Kong)上海衣時制衣廠(香港)

SHANGHAI EASYGARMENT FACTORY (HONG KONG) was founded in 2008, mainly in Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, Canada and the United Kingdom. 


Best Fortune Manufacturing Ltd.

Established in 1984, 

Best Fortune Manufacturing Ltd.

 is one of the top fashion watch manufacturers in China. We provide professional manufacturing on watches, clocks and electronic items for both upscale consumer market and promotion market. With more than 30 years of solid experience, Best Fortune has successfully developed sound and proven its capabilities in products design, products development, and production planning and quality assurance.



Universal Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Limited 

Universal Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Limited was founded in 1977 by Mr Ko Wong and his wife, Rebecca Leung.He designed the company’s first plastic gloves machine and at the time, engaged housewives to help fold and package the gloves.

A few years later, they officially opened their very first rented factory in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, employing several staff.

Then in the 1980s, during a time when China first opened its doors to foreign investors, the husband and wife team decided to seize the opportunity on the mainland and opened its first rented factory in Shenzhen.


TTI Industrial Limited

 TTI Industrial Limited was found in early 1990s and has grown to become the world's major manufacturer & exporter of plastic & metal ballpoint pens and stationery in HK, having our own SA8000:2008 certified factory in China, supply various other promotional giveaways, stationery and are able to provide good quality in-house pad print, rolling print and heat transfer service on our products for customer wholesale & retail purposes. Tailor-made products and ODM/OEM projects are mostly welcomed.


409Shop Limted 
409 SHOP  對講機儀器專家     宗旨及服務承諾
409Shop 企業使命


Infantry Company Limited

INFANTRY is passionate about styles, and our passion is what drives us to come up with exciting products. It is also what drives us to work tirelessly until we are totally satisfied with our products.



S Fashion Manufacturing Limited

S Fashion Manufacturing Limited is established in 2000, previously named TTS Fashion Manufacturing Limited. After some changes, TTS Fashion is renamed to S Fashion Manufacturing Limited in 2013.

We specialise in handmade sequins, beads, lace techniques; combination of different fabrics e.g. battenburg with woven, knit, sweater; and hand details on garment.

Our customers are mainly high end brands from Europe, Australia and America. Our main market is formal wear, evening and party dress.

We specialise in Sequins and Beads, Hand Crochet, Battenburg and Cornelli. Combinations of machine Knit tape Sweater / T-shirt on crochet garment and more.





Vickwoodhong Industrial (HK) Ltd

Originally established as an importer,of fine European fabrics in 1982,

Hong Kong-based Vickwoodhong,have since burst onto the glittery and

high-flying fashion retail scene, expanding, our expertise and interests into the

developing, manufacturing, and wholeselling of fashion apparels and


Through 3 decades of growth from import to retail to development and

by offering superlative retail services, we now boast a prolific international

client list from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Austria, Canada,

New Zealand, Thailand, as well as a sprawling factory complex on

the Chinese mainland set-up tomanufacture and export both knit and woven apparels. 

Grand Choice (Decor) Limited 

Grand Choice (Decor) Limited is an Exporter and Manufacturer, specializing in producing high end of a range of indoor fountains, aroma diffusers and humidifiers.

The headquarter of Grand Choice is located in Hong Kong. Most of products are designed in Hong Kong but manufacture fountations, diffusers and humidifiers in our factories in China.

We respect your creative ideas and promise to make your own design exclusively. We would provide our best services to all customers and we further enhance our service by offering the most new items to our customers via our design team every year. Our design team always stands-by for any challenge. Please contact us for more details and samples.  



聰誠會計師事務所有限公司及聰誠資產管理有限公司是由一名資深會計師所創立。憑藉會計師超過15年經驗,協助超過 500 間中小企面對各種疑難包括會計、核數、稅務、公司營運、財務、盡職審查、法定所需文件、公司成立或集團及會計賬務處理等等。





Production Plus was founded in Hong Kong in 2002 with more than a decade of experience in the production of paper packaging materials. Since the establishment of the company, the pursuit of excellence in quality and providing reliable services to the customers have been our companys motto. We manufacture and export a wide range of high quality paper products, such as wine gift boxes, wine gift bags and wine botte carriers food packaging products, such as chocolate gift boxes, paper bags, and high end shopping bags for many international fashion brands.




SMART ONE is an astute organization that manufactures contact and contactless smart cards. Currently, our primary items have been utilized on transport, highway, schools, net bistros, access control boards, security and other decade worth of experience, alongside consistent from suppliers and clients. Smart One’s center knowledge organization has turned into a substantial participation with detailed arrangement of merchants and clients as accomplices.

Smart One Technology (Hong Kong) Company Limited has all the capabilities you require for the generation of excellent plastic cards

These required capabilities include an accomplished staff, State of the Art Equipment and a Quality Control Systems that are the essentials in the creation of astounding plastic cards.


駿仕公司成立於2003年,是一家專業從事各種消費類產品IC及其應用產品的設計、開發、生產、銷售於一體的電子產品公司。公司已通過sedex質量管理體系認證;所有產品均通過美規、歐規的安規標準。承接全球相關產品的OEM/ODM業務,致力向客戶提供高品質的產品及滿意的服務。我司的業務領域主要包括: 1.IC開發:消費性IC/機芯/PCBA/COB/電子模塊設計開發及生產等; 例如:電子音樂/音效/語音/錄音/LED閃燈/震動/光控/影控等系列; 2.根據客戶要求,提供低成本、高品質量玩具、禮品設計及生產3.提供自家設計電子教育套件。公司真誠期待國內、外客戶的支持與合作,攜手並進,共創雙贏!我司宗旨:專業是基礎、服務是保證、品質是信譽.



Ocean Digital Technology Limited

With a strong background in developing digital audio products since 1992, Ocean Digital offers the latest technology to create products with exceptional sound quality and features that are user friendly. 

Ocean Digital focuses on a wide range of audio product - like DAB Radio, 3D sound and internet radio with Technology and Innovation. User friendly interfaces and customer satisfaction are our primary goals and our stated mission. 

Ocean Digital Shop offers high quality, uniquely designed audio product at affordable prices. Our Research and Development Team continues to create digital radios that will encourage access to entertainment options - including social networks and other leisure time activities. 

Ocean Digital will continue to build upon the success if its products with the goal of offering customers ever expanding entertainment possibilities!





香海岸“Chelsea”即清香的海岸的意思, 名字出於英法海峡上的一个美丽小岛的地名,每到鲜花开放时节,岛上就布满花香。這便成了“Chelsea”,名字的由來。不論是“Chelsea”還是“香海岸”,這個名字在當今世上已廣為人熟悉,以牠為名的護膚品牌,企業,學術機構和運動俱樂部,都在世界上頂頂有名,一百多年以來, “Chelsea”都是飛聲國際!在十多年前,澳門的藝天集團成功的把“Chelsea” 香海岸帶到亞洲市場,並在中國內地合法地使用這個國際品牌商標!自此,源自法国的顶尖的香薰工艺產品,香海岸“Chelsea”正式進入中國市場,產品選用法國天然原料,從產品原料到生產工藝,衡以国际标准监控完成。不论是复方按摩油,还是各类膏霜,香薰洗護產品等,香海岸“Chelsea”都是用實際的芳療標準來回應了銷費者,產品獲得欧洲芳香療法帥學会认证。香海岸“Chelsea”是堅信最真、最純、就是最好的理念,我們不需要華麗的語言或是誇誇奇談的故事文章來吹捧自己,只要你能用過一次,我們有信心你會用第二次。“Chelsea”产品包含:单方精油、复方精油、洗护系列和护肤系列。产品全部以純天然的植物精油為核心成分的特点,深受熱愛天然產品的人士和香薰治療師的喜愛,把最真、最純、就是最好的產品帶到世界各地,是香海岸“Chelsea”的使命。



栢珍妮策劃有限公司  (JPMarket)

在知識產權時代,企業面臨知識產權的戰爭,有必要制定攻守策略, 用無形資產為企業創造出有形價值,創造財富的新出路。 中小企業需要一班專業的知識產權團隊,針對不同市場需要, 制定攻守的知識產權策略。

栢珍妮策劃|提供專業的知識產權策劃及管理服務, 以一站式網上綜合服務為您代辦有關知識產權的查冊、商標、專利、 外觀設計註冊申請,進行監察、管理及風險評估。 我們更為已擁有知識產權的企業客户提供品牌授權、特許經營、 知識產權轉讓、買賣及融資等服務。



EPR International 

EP Racing Ltd. was established in 2004 and has now become one of the most well-known automotive styling equipment suppliers in Europe. We have direct access to more than 30 manufacturers from the Far East including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and China, which specialise in body styling and providing performanceparts dedicated to Japanese vehicles as well as European ones.The main production: carbon fiber and glass fiber of Japanese and European cars, (body kits, OEM/Vented Hood,Spoiler/Wing,Exterior Accessories,InteriorAccessories, Engine /Plug Cover,etc)EPR International主要銷售碳纖維及玻璃纖維材質的日系,歐系車身外裝件, 包括:車身包圍,頭冚,尾冚,內飾件,外飾件,引擎內部裝飾件等等。產品主要銷往歐洲、美國、日本、澳洲和東南亞地區,深受改裝發燒友的認可與青睞。EPR International業務範圍: 批發及零售各類碳纖維材質的汽車裝飾件(如貼標,鑰匙扣,點煙器,門提等等),碳纖維材料,碳纖板材料;各種知名品牌的改裝件零件(如HEL等等);各類汽車其他裝飾件及改裝件零件。







Golden Fame Printing Company Limited

 A Successful Packaging Attracts People’s Buying Desire

Golden Fame Printing Company Limited was established in 1993 by a team of experts in all forms of paper printing products. We manufacture and export high-end paper packaging & printing products worldwide for more than 23 years, major products including packaging boxes, gift boxes, gift set boxes, cosmetic boxes, cookware boxes, toys boxes, wine boxes, food boxes, shopping bags, leaflets, brochure, catalogues, bar code stickers and many other printing items.

Golden Fame operates a 100,000 square feet facility located in Humen Town of Dongguan City, China where is 1 hour's driving distance from Shenzhen ports and Hong Kong. We are equipped with full range of production line including 2 units of offset printing machines from West Germany. Likewise, other machines for pp lamination, paper lamination, varnish and UV coating, silk screen printing, hot stamping, embossing, glittering, die-cut, bar code label, sticker printing and etc., are all parts of our core facilities.



JSNA Asia Enterprises Limited

Stretch Film Specialists,Start business in 2001,From 3 employees in 2001 to 45 employees in 2015,Major Market : Hong Kong , USA , Korea , Austria , Brazil , Indonesia etc,Professional reputation among the world,With a wide range of Product Certificates,Self-Invested Factory,Establish in 2011,Investment Amount : Over USD 20,000,000,Monthly Maximum Production Capacity : 1500 Tons / Month,5 Modern Automation Stretch Film Production Machines,Well-trained Technicians, Strict Quality Control 



 Buy For Me (BFMe)

【Buy For Me (BFMe) 】助全球品牌/商品進軍世界1/3的市場。 BFMe由上市公司OTEL於2015年在北京中關村創立,並合資印度最大快遞物流商 DTDC, 提供跨境電商綜合服務, 從網店運營、跨境交易、跨境物流、市場推廣、品牌營銷、到線下渠道等多維度幫助海外商家進入中國和印度市場。 BFMe 團隊遍佈香港、中國、印度、日本、韓國、英國等地。BFMe 亦經常受邀參加國際性活動并擔任演講嘉賓,為全球品牌商提供意見。 BFMe.com - 海外商品銷到中國大陸 BFMe.in - 海外商品銷到印度 DTDC-BFMe.com





另外,順便智能櫃的服務更可為終端客戶提供全天候二十四小時隨時隨地輕鬆取件等嶄新物流體驗。除此之外,智能櫃亦同時支援八達通、O! ePay及WeChatPay運費到付,為客人省卻零錢找換帶來不必要的煩惱,直接讓客戶極速付費取件。



InnoEdge Consulting Ltd

An uncertain economic climate, rapidly changing markets, chaotic innovation processes and a status quo corporate culture can make innovation unpredictable and uncontrollable. Our core strengths are discovering emerging market trends and unrecognized customer demands and systemically transforming them into disruptive products, services and business models to create sustainable growth.

As your innovation partner, our goal is “Driving Transformations, Delivering Results.”

InnoEdge is an innovation consulting firm specializing in the assessment, planning and execution of enterprise transformation. The theme of our professional services is Customer Centered Innovation (CCI), based on the international innovation management standard CEN/TS 16555. CCI minimizes the effort required for the adoption and alignment of different business units.



熊貓網(香港)國際旅行社有限公司(已下簡稱“熊貓網”)是一家主營東南亞、歐美、澳洲等境外酒店、機票和wifi業務預訂、租賃等旅遊服務平臺。“熊貓網”依託於互聯網數據大平臺,緻力於打造以WiFi為流量入口的機票+酒店的自由行時時在線旅遊服務平臺,在提供用戶WiFi 旅行剛需的同時,也能智能推薦目的地旅遊購物,獨特的當地採購資源,保質保量,價格公開,以用戶需求為出發點,提供高質量服務保證。為了旅客們的需求,“熊貓網”成功推出了gogowifi新品牌。

  Jayden Martin (JM)  

Jayden Martin (JM), who once worked for several Swiss watch companies at a young age, has been designing watches for over 30 years. He is good at blending aesthetic designs with the precise technology of watches and is tremendously passionate about it.

As a child, he showed great interest in the precise mechanics of watches. He often collected all kinds of watches and accessories. Moreover, he would tear them apart and then rebuild them in order to better understand the mechanism and structure of each part.

By chance he went to Great Britain, where he was drawn by the history and culture of English aristocracy, among which the elegance and nobleness of those English gentlemen’s dressing style had captivated him the most.

In recent years, going for innovation, he has decided to combine watch mechanics with dressing taste on clothing accessories. For example, precise movement gears and tourbillions are attached to cufflinks, demonstrating the harmonious existence between beauty and precise mechanics.



应对电子商务的蓬勃发展以及社会对绿色环保理念的高度认同,R公司深切体认物流行业将面临革命性的变化,并伴生新的发展机遇。 这其中传统供应链管理的模式将被颠覆,而更加直接、简洁而高效的基于电子商务平台的供应链重组已经酝酿发展。这种变革精简供应链流程,提高其运行效率,并顺应了节能减排和绿色环保的理念。






United Art Metals Fty Ltd

About Us A young man started a workshop called United Art in 1958 out of his great passion for precision and quality. One day he came across with a metal giftware project and through years of hard work his team of craftsmen unexpectedly created a breakthrough collection called the butterfly suncatcher that unlocked the door of success.Our Beliefs Like metamorphosis of butterfly, CRYSTOCRAFT® transformed from a passionate metal giftware producer to a promising brand with bold creativity, eagerness for reform and aspiration to perfection.

Inspired by butterflies spreading their wings in harmony to embrace the mother's nature, CRYSTOCRAFT® believes in cherishing every single moment of our life journeys, and sharing the joy and happiness through its unique craftsmanship and artistry that resonates with people's heart.

Emori Products Company Limited

Established in 1998, Emori Products Company Limited has been performing as a professional supplier in the field of promotional products. We have engaged in the manufacturing of some main products, i.e. plastic and microfiber products since 1998.

With head office in Hong Kong and branch office in Shenzhen, we have a 100% self-owned factory in Long Gang, Shenzhen which has passed the BSCI, Disney audit. Our factory has an area of 3,000 square meters and approximately 120 skillful workers.

In April 2013, we launched a new line – Small Order Zone (www.smallorder.hk). It is an online shop which offers a wide range of stylish and useful items. We offer factory price for small quantities and wholesale orders, with fast delivery within 3-7 days.

With high-quality products and responsible attitude, we have gained a high reputation among our European, American and Japanese customers. We are proud of our achievements and will continue to provide innovative quality products to our customers.




當我們的生活改善,人人都期望身體健康,遠離危疾。其中一個最有效的方法是保持帶氧的血液循環暢順。血液循環暢順可給予淋巴系統所需的壓力來運行,避免淋巴滯留或堵塞,有助排水、排毒,提升免疫功能。足夠的氧份可令身體處於鹼性狀態,有助遠離危疾。 在歐洲源遠流長的傳統,葡萄有抗氧化和促進血液循環的作用,難怪越來越多人飲用紅酒。   紓適寧透過以紅葡萄葉及葡萄籽配方的法國優質淋巴管理系列,提供口服及外用的產品,以天然、安全、有效、方便的方法,將淋巴系統管理好,實現上述的目標。   我們的使命


Ocean Rich Garment Accessories Company Ltd

Ocean Rich Garment Accessories Company Ltd. was established in Hong Kong with over 15 years of professional experience, is extending our business and has set up our subsidiary in Dongguan China and Dhaka Bangladesh. We concentrate on product R&D, production and technical support with a wide range of value added services to satisfy our customer’s needs.
We own a sizable factory in Donguan, China. Our factory is well equipped with the most advance machineries from overseas. A team of high-quality personnel has been assigned in management, R&D, production, mold making and Q.C field of works in order to ensure high standard of quality products and services.
We specialize in metal and plastic buttons, such as Snap, Jeans Button, Eyelet, Rivet, Metal Chains, Metal Embossed Badges, Nickel straps etc. and provide tailor-made services if necessary.
In the recent decade, we have been continuously improving our skills and knowledge to cope with the requirement of global companies. We obtained OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate and proved that our product quality is complied with European standard.


Life Is For Excellence Ltd.

 L.I.F.E.是環保酒店用品專家,2006年於香港成立,代理歐洲,美國及日本的優質產品供南中國的酒店及餐飲業使用。 我們致力幫助客戶享受商用產品的好處,享受更好,節省更多。
L.I.F.E. 結合全球領先的環保產品及服務,為大中華地區的個人,家居及團體客戶帶來前所未有的質量提升體驗。
L.I.F.E. 滙同伙伴,創造具價值的產品及服務,以持續發展的理念和全力以赴的精神為自然環境,健康社群,經濟活力及企業管作出頂獻。
L.I.F.E.將環保酒店用品從環球網絡直接帶給顧客, 與顧客分享商用產品的好處,享受更好,節省更多。

此外,L.I.F.E.亦提供來自歐洲和日本等地設計的優質分配器。作為對質量的承諾, 所有L.I.F.E.的分配器都提供 永久保用TM . 


絡風人力資本顧問行, 成立于1987年,目標是為客戶提供高增價值的人力資本顧問服務。直到現在,本行一共積累了30多年的專業經驗。






創辦於2009年7月9日。秉承香港咖啡教育翹楚 - 葉榮先生五十多年對咖啡的熱誠及堅持理念,至力推廣咖啡文化,積極研究及改良咖啡烘焙技術,務使將不同產地及環境種植所產生的咖啡風味及特性,發揮至淋漓盡致;並於世界各地搜羅具特色及優質咖啡品種,與咖啡愛好者分享及鑑賞。藉著『以平民消費享受優質品味』為宗旨;讓咖啡成為生活的伴侶。




Link Jeans Co Ltd

Link Jeans Co Ltd



Ming Kee Metal Parts Limited

Ming Kee Metal Parts Limited was already established in 1977. We have a head office in Hong Kong and a factory in China for treating with our respected customers all over the world. Because of the continuous improvements in previous 30 years, the manufacturing process and equipment are becoming well-performanced; and, the quality of product is also rising gradually. So, the cooperation between manufacturing department and marketing department is becoming better and better. Ming Kee Metal Parts Limited is an experienced exporter and manufacturer who producing a luxury metal with superior Zinc Alloy and other Metals (Example: Aluminum, Brass, Iron, Stainless Steel and Lost Wax). If you want, our product can be made in Nickel-free and Lead-free for some skin-touched accessories, such as handbag metal accessories and personal accessories. The metals are suitable for assembling bag, handbag, shoes, belt, garment, wallet and other ways, such as a bag’s lock and buckle, belt buckle, shoe-accessories, keychains, Fancy brand logo and other accessories.






 在大中華區域之外,女兒國也在東南亞、澳洲、英國、美國等地區,與眾多姐妹公司保持緊密聯繫。 .



AW Manufacturing Company Limited has worked on the research and development, production, sales and marketing in LED for advertising lighting since our founding in 2002. Over many years,we integrated the LED into a product with low cost and high quality. We introduced many technologically advanced manufacturing facilities and testing equipment to our production.

     In these few years, AW is growing rapidly in the development of LED G4, G9 lamp ,E series, BA15 series, IR Dimmer series and LED light controlling products. Our high quality, competitive price, and advanced technology in color control gain the trust of many global and local clients.

    AW provide a high quality service to our customers. It is our objective and goal. To offer low cost and outstanding servicing is our commitment to our customers. We are looking forwards to being your trustful and reliable partners.


Me Too

Me Too! (譯:人有我有)是一個立足香港,放眼世界的新潮家庭小家電品牌,以「分享的樂趣」為品牌宗旨。我們所生產的小家電十分廣泛,包括電水壺﹑多士爐﹑咖啡機﹑電蒸籠﹑攪拌機等等。

Me Too! is a Hong Kong small home appliance brand which is launched under the concept of “The Joy of Sharing”. Under this product category, we are supplying the electric kettle, pop-up toaster, drip coffee machine, food steamer, table blender and etc. Many of our products are designed in Manchester, UK for satisfying the trendy needs of nowadays families. Being called as me-toos of the small home appliance brand concept, we believe that they are valued for its combination of fashionable design and modern functionality to become everyday essentials. Everyone is now able to become the icon of fashionable small home appliance and let’s find the joy of sharing by saying “Me Too!” with others.



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